Flood Data Look-Up and Loss Calculation

Our flood data lookup and loss calculation service provides on-line flood risk data retrieval for the US (additional regions coming soon).  Input location details and retrieve:

  • KatRisk inland flood heights and a risk score
  • KatRisk storm surge flood heights and a risk score
  • Average Annual Loss
  • Return Period Losses (PMLs)
  • FEMA flood zones
  • Whether a location is in a leveed area
  • KatRisk hurricane model windspeeds

Our flood analytics software is provided at no extra charge if you license our flood hazard data.  We also provide web based batch location lookup services, charged on a per location basis.  Want to visualize our hazard maps?  We host our maps both as a WMS service and via a web browser.  Contact us for more details.

Katalyser Hurricane and Typhoon Software

Our Katalyser software includes both US/Caribbean Hurricane and Asia Typhoon analysis capabilities.  See our MODELS page for more details.  Within Katalyser you can:

  • Set the number of years of simulation and number of samples
  • Generate and visualize event loss tables and EP curves
  • Create maps of impacted locations by event as well event loss distributions
  • Calculate key return periods losses and average annual loss by location

Online Demos

If you are interested in trying a demo version of our flood or tropical cyclone analytics tools please contact us.  You can run these demos on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.




In addition to providing our own analytics tools, we partner with a number of other GIS and analytics service providers who embed our data and models with their services including: SpatialKey, AIR Worldwide, OASISEigenRisk, and ImageCat.