Recent and Upcoming Product Releases

We have completed development of our US storm surge model.  Storm surge has been analyzed for our entire 50,000 year Atlantic Basin Hurricane track set and output on a 10 meter grid. Results have been incorporated in our location loss analytics software and will also be included in our US event based probabilistic model to be released later in 2016.  The following slides provide more details and some examples.

Flood hazard maps for Mexico, South America and Central America have been released.  Up next are Australia and New Zealand.

We have completed an Average Annual Loss calculation tool for the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, built upon our high resolution flood maps.  This allows for location loss quantification, in addition to flood hazard look-ups.

Upcoming Conferences, etc.

We are a sponsor of the RAA Cat Risk Management 2017  conference February 14-16, 2017 in Orlando.  If you will be there, please stop by our booth.

Past News Items

Dag will be giving a talk at the Berkeley R Language Beginner Study Group: Using R and Shiny to Calculate Economic Costs of Weather and Climate Extremes 

Guy will be presenting at the CAS Seminar on Reinsurance in Philadelphia on June 1.

KatRisk will be participating in the AIR Worldwide envision conference, April 8 -10, 2015 in Boston.

We are a sponsor at the RAA Cat Risk Management Conference in Orlando, February 10-12, 2015.  If you're coming, please stop by our booth and check out Dag's presentation.

KatRisk has been selected as a Finalist for NVIDIA's Early Stage Challenge.  We have been using NVIDIA GPUs in our in-house compute cluster as well as on the Oakridge National Lab TITAN supercomputer for our high-resolution US flood maps.  We will have a demo table at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference in San Jose March 17-19, 2015.

October 2014 - Willis Re extends strategic partnership with KatRisk and SpatialKey to deliver unmatched global flood analytics.

June 2014 - SpatialKey and KatRisk partner to deliver new U.S. Flood Solution.

May 2014 - Oakridge National Lab published an article about our work on the TITAN supercomputer.

April 2014 - AIR to integrate KatRIsk flood data on the Touchtone platform.

November 2013 - KatRisk has entered into a strategic partnership with Willis Re and SpatialKey to deliver unmatched flood analytics.