Hurricane Matthew October 2016

We have developed an event response wind speed footprint covering the US and Caribbean.  Additionally, we also developed a flood inundation footprint covering both storm surge and inland flood in the US. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the data sets.

Louisiana Flooding August 2016

We are closely following the flooding event in southern Louisiana over the last few days.  The below figures show some of the heaviest impacted areas along with KatRisk flood modeling results.  We will continue to monitor the event and have developed a rapid event response footprint.  If you are interested in the event footprint or more detail please email us at

Click on the images below to enlarge.

Houston Area Flooding April 2016

We have evaluated the recent precipitation and resultant flooding in the Houston area and developed an initial event footprint.  This is a mosaic of our return period flood maps corresponding to the recorded precipitation and observed flooding.  Some of the most impacted locations include: the Greenspoint, Timber Lakes, and Cypress areas to the north and northwest of downtown Houston and the Meyerland area to the southwest. The initial footprint only covers Harris County.  If you are interested in a raster file of flood depths please email us at

South Carolina Flooding 2015

If you are interested in a raster file of flood depths for South Carolina, or more details regarding loss modeling capabilities, please email us at

KatRisk Estimates Total Property Losses from the South Carolina Flooding at $2.25 Billion

Although we are early in the process of assessing potential losses from the recent flooding in South Carolina, KatRisk has made an initial estimate of property losses for the state. Our loss estimate is based on the following model data:

  • A 10m high-resolution footprint of estimated flood depths across the state.  The flood depth estimates utilize flood depth data across multiple return periods KatRisk has previously developed for the continental Unities States.  See examples of flood data in the below images.
  • An estimate of total property exposure across the state, both covered and not covered by flood insurance.
  • Vulnerability curves relating flood depth to damage for building, content, and time element (additional living expense and business interruption) values.

Our best estimate of total loses is $2.25 billion with a 90% confidence range of $1.5 billion to $3.5 billion.  These estimates include both insured and uninsured property losses.

There are many uncertainties with each of the model inputs and additionally the final flood extent is still uncertain in some areas.  Current press headlines are stating the losses are in excess of $1 billion dollars.  These initial reported estimates are most likely based comparing this event with past natural catastrophe in order to provide some level of perspective on potential losses.  Over the course of the next few months, or longer, information on insurance payouts and aid assistance will help in refining estimates of total losses.  However, given that much of the flood losses are not insured, we will never have a perfect estimate.  The KatRisk analytical model based estimate is an attempt to provide a rapid indication of the range of potential losses for the event given current knowledge of the flood extent.  The approach is the same utilized by KatRisk to estimate potential future losses across the entire United States and many international regions.

Typhoon Dujuan

Houston and Austin May 2015 Flooding