KatRisk is a catastrophe modeling company focused on flood and wind risk.  The founders of KatRisk have decades of experience building catastrophe models used worldwide by the insurance industry.  We utilize high performance GPU computing hardware to develop state of the art high resolution yet cost effective views of risk. We spend our time building and testing solutions in collaboration with our clients and provide an unparalleled degree of transparency into the underlying data, methodologies and choices made in the process of creating our products.

Flood Hazard Data

The first stage in our product development process is the creation of flood hazard risk maps at multiple return periods.  We have completed development of risk maps for the US and a large portion of Asia and will have much of the world covered by the end of 2015. Our flood risk data allows for the assessment on individual location risk including risk pricing.

Event Based Models

The second stage of development consists of creation of event based probabilistic models.  These quantify the correlation between locations allow for the assessment of aggregate losses that could occur in an individual event.  Full stochastic event sets are created so the profoio level return periods losses can be quantified.  These model including both tropical cyclone related flooding and wind in addition to inland flooding.


Accessing Data and Models

There are multiple ways to access our products ranging for licensing data and software to subscribing to online analytics tools and web map services.  You can try out some of our solutions using our free online demo tools.